Diane Bush

Diane designs “healing environments” in healthcare, business, and education.  Her pioneering work in metadesign incorporates natural design principles with worldwide healing traditions to facilitate individual, organizational, and community development.

Johnann is thrilled to be teaming up with Diane as Co-Facilitators:

Her unique background in public health, nursing, hospital administration, residential and commercial construction, environmental design, and Feng Shui add to the practical and scientific application of healing principles to space and system design as she partners with a wide variety of clients. 

Her life is enhanced exponentially as she supports and guides friends and clients through life’s transitions whether it be birth, marriage, divorce, job changes, death and dying, rebirth, or simply changing your thoughts from here to there…  She is a life-long student and teacher of the human-spiritual dynamic and she enjoys sharing what she has learned to ease her own and others journeys through this wonder-filled life.  

Her inspiration comes from the natural environment, her grandson Aidan, and learning from great thinkers, teachers, meditation and prayer, as she explores creativity and science in practical and grounded ways. These past few years have provided a focused study of soul alchemy and the authentic creative expression of her soul gifts, which she is interested in exploring with others in new and unique ways.