Together we Build a plan to make small, lasting and consistent changes in your eating, movement and lifestyle to overcome whatever Wellness struggles you’ve had to create the health you want for Living Happy and Well.

Is this a weight loss plan or diet?

No! It's a way of eating to help the body. Will you lose weight? Maybe... But what will happen is that you will gain health. Many people lose weight when they begin to give their body what it needs. There is a lot of science behind this but mostly it means once the body isn't starving for the right nutrition or being bombarded with toxins it will release the excess weight the body has held onto because it was afraid it would need fuel later.

Most people will notice that their belly gets flatter, the skin gets clearer and the mind is more focused but relaxed. You will find that you can work toward your specific goal with more ease, even if that goal is to reduce your need for medications and their nasty side effects, or to finally beat the anxiety, or to heal away your arthritis.

Holistic Nutrition Coaching

Eat to Gain Your Health

Why Holistic Nutrition? 
What all those old diets never told us was that they were the reason we lost ‘willpower or control’. We didn’t just feel like we were starving.. we really were! Now being able to express that this is not our fault but it was bad food science allows us to start taking control.

When we eat GOOD food… truly SOUL food.. then we ​don’t have the cravings and the starvation we assume will happen as we change our diets. When eating SOUL food each bite satisfies in a way people aren’t used to feeling - Happy & Well. 

When someone can make a change, such as adding raw foods or eating nutrient rich foods, they don’t experience that incredible hunger. The resentment starts to diminish when the food tastes good, the body feels great, and the mind embraces a holistic perspective.

What is Holistic Nutrition?
​Holistic is a word meaning "whole", in Nutrition this means using real food, along with body movement, mind and spirit adjustments to make lasting changes in your health. 

Incorporating Holistic Nutrition into your lifestyle includes whole foods, gaining better shopping habits, learning new cooking techniques and recipes, and learning how the food choices we make can make us healthier and happier. 

Holistic Nutrition Coaching

Living Well Nutrition Coaching                                                  $75

Coaching for change with your wellness - physical, mental & emotional - through food, eating habits, lifestyle and mindset.


  • Intake and Interview

  • Full review of needs and nutritional selections

  • Supplements, medications, and interactions

  • Look to find the changes that will make the biggest impact with the ease of success

  • Recipes 

  • Movement assistance

  • Shopping guidance

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