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​"The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."

A process of looking at the whole person: body, health, life and spirit in hopes of making the changes you desire for your life and health. 

Develop skills with nutrition, habit, relaxation and movement to build your body and improve your health. 

Integrated Holistic Wellness Services

Photo courtesy of Margot DeHoff

Integrated Holistic Wellness Session

Paid Per Session $120.00 For first session anticipate 120 mins. Includes intake and interview, full review of needs, nutritional or habit suggestions followed by hypnotherapy for change. Each additional session will include motivation techniques, breathing practices and stretching. 

Integrated Holistic Wellness Series 

​Series                                                                           $600.00
A series of sessions includes: 6 private sessions, initial intake and interview, full review of needs, situational coaching, nutrition or habit suggestions, hypnotherapy, bodywork as needed and email support throughout the series. 

Some series options:

  • Easing Anxiety and Depression
  • Healing the Whole Person
  • Preparing for Conception
  • Healthy Pregnancy 
  • Lifetime Pain Management
  • Making Yourself Healthier With Each Breath
  • Releasing the Need to Medicate
  • Individual Personal Needs