S O U L full life. 

S is for Satisfying. What would a satisfying life look like? Satisfied means you are thriving each day, not just surviving. Setting priorities for the things that are important to you. Knowing that it can’t just be about one thing forsaking all others. For me it's family first, then my faith, then my job.  At 8pm my phone shuts off, that's family time. I take time                                                             off for Spiritual retreats                                                             and meditation because                                                             they build  my faith. I also                                                       know when I stop having                                                         intellectual stimulation                                                             in my life slide I'm not                                                               satisfied. I challenge you to  see what really makes your life satisfying.

O is for Organic. Are you being who you organically should be? Does it feel like you fit into your life or are living someone else's? You could also ask is it the Original you, the one that comes from your soul? This is the one that most people can deceive ourselves into. Do you sit at home wondering how the wind would feel in your hair or the sun on your shoulders, if only you were outside puttering in your garden? Then you are not being yourself. You’re taking the easier road. I challenge you to think about what if you really became who you were meant to be. Imagine how your life would look like if you were doing the things God originally planned you for? Following your true organic path. 

 U is for Unique. Face it, if you aren't living uniquely then you are probably not satisfied or living your organic self. You've put yourself in someone else's mold. This can be hardest for those around us. They want us to fit into their ideas of us instead of us living like we need to. I used to think this was only a condition of the young but people of all ages are forced into these little boxes. I think it’s up to each of us to find our own way. I don't think you should be unique despite someone else or that you should never bend to accommodate a loved one but if those things would change the real uniqueness of yourself then you need to have a little internal discussion.

 L is for Livable. You often hear people say "Live like it’s your last day on earth" and I agree that's a good way to keep relationships and experiences fresh but I prefer to assume I'm going to live to be 100 or more. I'd rather believe I still have another 60ish years to live. Consider how you want that time lived. So are you filling your life with the things that bring you joy and challenge your mind? Brush aside negativity, move past those who hold you back and while you dream each day think of how you are creating tomorrow. I encourage you to choose a livable existence where you thrive in your body, health and life. 

Be well and be full of S O U L.​​

SOUL Notes





S O U L eating.  S O U L food. 

S for Satisfying. Because when food doesn't satisfy us then why eat it? When we don't feel we are being satisfied then we tend to overeat and eat to cover issues. When we are satisfied with our food we feel full, contented and healthy.

The more nutritious a food

is the more our bodies feel

full and satisfied.  

O is for Organic. I really

believe our diets should be organic. Definitely if you are eating eggs and dairy they must be organic. Regular farmed dairy and eggs are so full of pesticides, hormones and antibiotics that you're hurting yourself when consuming them. You'll also be creating a better world because factory farming  these animals is unhealthy for our planet not to mention the poor chickens and cows. A great list to follow is the Dirty Dozen by the EWG. These are the foods that are most poisoned and modified. The cleaner your food, the better your health.  

U is for Unique. Each of us has needs unique to our body. Your diet needs to be the best one for you. Uniquely built for your health. For me getting my greens each day gives me the highest levels of energy. Not everyone needs that, but I've found it works for me. On the other hand when I eat even a little gluten my belly bloats, feet swell and I get achy. I also have an allergy to beef, I won't go into what that does to me! It’s the idea that even if you know one way to keep your blood pressure in control is to eat 4 ribs of celery a day but you hate celery then it really won’t work for you. 

L is for Livable. I don't believe in fade diets or drastic one day changes. They aren't livable. It takes time and little steps to make a lasting eating change. It's knowing how you're going to handle a birthday party or dinner out with friends. You make the rules. Doing what you're comfortable with. I've no problem bringing a big bowl of berries to share while everyone else eats pie. But that would make some people very uncomfortable. And as long as those rules are truly what is best for your health and life, not always just what is easiest then it works. It’s the difference between a cookie being a treat or a cheat. It’s in the mindset, eating for the best you for the rest of your life, no guilt, no punishments - just health and pleasure. But while I'm on a cruise I'm going to the chocolate buffet! 

That's my food philosophy of
S O U L eating.